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Singing with the King (10) – An Uninvolved God?

Search me, O God, and know my heart – Psalm 139:23

Sit Alone2

There are those who believe God is unknowable–or at least uninvolved. Consider these lyrics by King David from Psalm 139.

You have searched me (vs.1) means to investigate, explore, and examine thoroughly

You hem me in—behind and before (vs.5) is a military term; means to confine, secure, bind, cramp, and besiege.

You have laid Your hand upon me ( vs.5) not only has to do with placing or setting one’s hand upon, but making, performing, appointing, and taking a stand.

Your hand will guide me (vs.10) means to lead, and bring.

Your right hand will hold me fast (vs.10) to seize, to be caught, to take possession.

For You created my inmost being (vs.13) besides create, the word is often used for acquiring, buying, possessing and even redemption.

You knit me together in my mother’s womb (vs. 13) to hedge about, to cover, to fence about, to protect.

All the days ordained for me (vs.16) a theological word; but for God it is a creation word. It has to do with forming, fashioning or framing; and implicit in its meaning and use is, God will form or fashion us the way He has ordained.

Search me (vs.23) Same as vs. 1

Test me (vs.23) a refining, mining word; like an assayer, the LORD tests our purity.

See if there is any offensive way within me (vs.24) inspecting, gazing, consider, and to look after.

Lead me in the way everlasting (vs.24) means to lead, guide, or bring.

Note all these are verbs, describing the LORD’s actions.

Consider some questions which should arise regarding the LORD’s actions:

Does He know you? Does He protect you? Does He hold you and guide you? Has he created you? Is there anything about you that He does not know? Do you belong to Him? If these are not rhetorical questions for you, please read Psalm 139. You will see it is impossible to regard the LORD as a distant, aloof, and uninvolved.